Lawn Landscaping Services In Duluth, MN

Caring for your lawn isn’t the easiest task in the world, especially if you’re trying to manage everything by yourself. But should you really have to manage it alone? At AJ’s Landscape Center and AJ’s Lawncare and Landscaping, we don’t think so.

Why purchase lawn care products from a landscaping center?
You can purchase topsoil and fertilizer pretty much anywhere these days -- at the farmer’s market, the big-box home improvement store, or even when you’re out grocery shopping. But when you purchase your lawn care products from a company that specializes in the industry, you get a few extra bonuses:

  1. You’ll have the widest variety of products to choose from, including the most advanced -- and the safest -- products on the market.
  2. You’ll have experienced professionals who know about lawn care and environmental protection; they know the science behind creating a green lawn, and they also know that awesome feeling when a neighbor asks how in the world you have such a perfect lawn.

When you come to AJ’s Landscape Center, you can expect to find products such as:

  • Trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • Planting soils and topsoils
  • Safe and effective fertilizers and pesticides
  • Organic gardening supplies
  • Grass seed
  • Hay, straw, and woodchips
  • Boulders, sand, and class 5 crushed rock
  • Pavers: concrete and permeable
  • Concrete retaining wall blocks
  • Decorative Rock & Mulches
  • Bird feeders, baths, and feed
  • Garden and lawn decor: waterfall kits, pond kits, trellises, and shepherd hooks

When you come to AJ’s Lawncare & Landscaping, you’ll find lawn landscaping services in Duluth, MN such as:

  • Site preparation and design
  • Sodding and seeding
  • Installation of: flower gardens, retaining walls, trees, shrubs, ponds and other water features, paver driveways, and paver or natural stone sidewalks and patios
  • Erosion control
  • Irrigation work, with electrical irrigation work provided by Tri-Star Electric Company (License No. EA003911)