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Minnesota Landscaping Ideas | Tips & Tricks

The beauty of landscaping in Minnesota is that the possibilities are truly endless. With the proper knowhow, tools, and landscaping team by your side, it's possible to create both the front and back yard of your dreams.
Check out these awesome Minnesota landscaping ideas to ensure that your yard is in tip top shape:

Make a plan

Every beautiful landscape begins with a unique dream. When designing your landscape, scope out other landscaping in Minnesota that aesthetically resonates with you. When building your dream landscape, also take into consideration things like functionality. Do you want trees and shrubbery to promote noise control? Are you interested in investing in garden landscaping in order to yield seasonal produce? Keeping these things in mind when going into a project will help you be prepared for what's to come.

Survey the area

Investigate the pre-existing condition of your yard. Are there trees that need pruning? Look at the shrubbery and plants you already have. See where you can fill in the holes with new plants and flowers. It also helps to know the state of your soil. Take a soil test by checking your soil's Ph and be sure to take samples from different plants. The more enriched, the better.

Gear up!

All homeowners should have proper, quality gardening tools.

Get planting

Come growing season, it's finally time to get started. When it's cooler, it's best to plant bare-root shrubs, trees, and perennials. You can plant container-grown plants any time during growing season. Be sure to water regularly until they have rooted. Some trees recommended for Minnesota landscaping ideas are Birch Trees, Maple, Oak, and American Linden Trees.

Don’t be afraid to call in the professionals!

Even if you have the greenest of thumbs, everyone needs help now and again. For quality service for landscaping in northern Minnesota, call on AJ's Lawncare and Landscaping. For residents of northern Minnesota, landscaping dreams will become reality with our professional assistance.